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Generally, the general contractor (us) comes into your life once you have detailed blueprints/plans and/or specifications and site surveys. One of the most important ways to understand our clients' needs is to schedule an initial site visit once you’ve obtained your designs. This is a no cost consultation where we encourage the client to relate to us any thoughts, concerns, needs and ideas relating to the project. We encourage you to be clear and open when conveying what your long-term goals are so that we can get a true understanding of how the finished project will be completed, while satisfying your needs and time. After the careful on site inspection and reviewing of all plans and specifications, we will then proceed in providing you with a detailed and outlined estimation of our work scope and related costs. We provide hands on service, limiting the requirement of hiring outside subcontracting, which enables us to pass these savings on to you ensuring an accurate and competitive proposal. In the event you have not yet progressed to the design/blueprint stage we would be happy to provide a list of professional architects we have had a relationship with.

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